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Welcome To The Blog Page by JMC

An ongoing series of inspirational entries from the writer's portfolio.

Prosper God's Way

June 1, 2023

So many ask how do I make it, So many play and just fake it!

There is no time for church playin, Time to take heed to what God's sayin!

How does a family prosper today, Go to the word theres no more delay!

Do what it says don' hesitate, Now is the time to prosper God's way!  

Revived Raised Up Now I'm Restored

May 1, 2023

Day 1... I left my past behind and renewed my mind.  Revived and Raised Up!

Day 2... No I can't be denied with the word I'm now revived.  Revived and Raised Up!

Day 3... They said my grave was shut but God's power raised me up.  Revived and Raised Up!

Day 4... Yes it's real go head and touch I'm restored so now say what.  Revived and Raised Up!

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